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All of the following methods of raising money for your indie art film biz are fine: self-financing, using money/pay from other work, crowdfunding, investors, grants, donations, making movies for $0, using profit from your film biz to make more movies, selling merchandise related to films...

Those plus whatever other methods you can think of will work for meeting the expenses of your indie art films.  Or your indie genre film or just indie film or film/movie - if one wants to be very simple about identifying the product or work being made.

Or one can try to work for a studio, work with other producers, work for a TV network, etc to get the movie or TV show made & out.  You might not fully own your work through this route however.

The important thing is, with digital video & the web where it is, it is now possible to make & distribute movies for $0 if you had to (grab your iPhone, grab 2 volunteer actors, shoot a short, upload to Vimeo or YouTube, promote it through social media, etc).  Also, if you want to take the time to do so, you can spend a few years and raise a couple of million $s to make & release a movie w/ known actors, etc.

Making a good movie is always a challenge.  Making money from movies is always a challenge.  But, if you want to make movies your art work, & then make that work available for people to buy & or check out, it is possible to do so now, for we live in the Glory Days of Indie Film.

Here's Coppola on his method of making film art -

Examples of how I will use this new reality, how I will use these Glory Days of Indie Film to make & release my own movies in 2014 are coming up.  In the works - 2 new features (Breakthrough Weekend, Brooklyn Fantastic), film festival submissions, a week long run in NYC, a possible film screening series and very rough ideas for a possible film festival, increased presence on the web re: my film work, increased marketing & advertising in the regular world re: my film work.  Details & links as they happen.  I am going to make 2014 a breakthrough year for my indie art filmmaking & distribution work :)

- Sujewa



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