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some places i've screened my films

getting ready for the upcoming release of my new film breakthrough weekend.  making a list of previous screenings - for various purposes.  i've been showing/sharing my films with audiences at screening venues since 1992.  here is a quick, incomplete list of some places i've screened:

- the kennedy center, washington, dc

- cineplex odeon foundry, washington, dc

- cafe metro, washington, dc

- atlanta film festival 2009

- the pioneer theater, new york city

- anthology film archives, new york city

- northwest film forum, seattle

- visions cinema, washington, dc

i'll have a complete list available in march.

my films so far are: 1 - fresh coffee, 2 - wild diner, 3 - 17 dc poets, 4 - date number one, 5 - indie film blogger road trip, 6 - brooklyn fantastic (not yet complete), 7 - breakthrough weekend (mid-2014 release)

- sujewa



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