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The latest on Alexia Anastasio's projects, including new film Little Fishes

First, Little Fishes Kickstarter is down to it's final week/7 days of campaigning for finishing & release funding (to get to her most important & useful stretch goal of $8K, she needs to raise about $5K-$6K more).  Go check it out now & see if you want to become a part of that excellent indie art film project.

Next, here's the latest on Alexia's projects, from a recent press release:

Filmmaker Alexia Anastasio completes work on new film Little Fishes, crowdfunds for release, participates in a film finance panel discussion, and talks about her work in new interview

Filmmaker Alexia Anastasio has completed major work on her new film Little Fishes. Little Fishes is a romantic drama about the relationship between two women. The film was inspired by the writings of D.H. Lawrence. The film will be submitted to film festivals in the coming days. Anastasio will attempt to screen the film at the Cannes Film Festival and Market in France later this year. More information about the film can be found at:

Alexia Anastasio is raising money for the completion expenses and release expenses for new film Little Fishes using the crowdfunding site Kickstarter. Recently Anastasio completed her Kickstarter fundraising goal 1 by raising over $2,000 on the crowdfunding site. The project will be funded on April 2. Anastasio is now working towards her ultimate stretch goal of $12,000. The Little Fishes Kickstarter project can be found at:

Alexia Anastasio participated, as a speaker, in the Bloomberg BNA International Film and TV Finance Summit March 19 and 20 in Los Angeles, California. On March 19 Anastasio participated at the event's crowdfunding panel at 11:15 AM. Then, from 12 to 12:45 PM Anastasio delivered a case study presentation regarding her new film Little Fishes. More information about the event can be found here:

Alexia Anastasio was recently interviewed about her career, current projects, previous projects, and future plans at DIY Filmmaker blog. The interview can be read at:

For interviews or additional information about her participation in the above mentioned items, Alexia Anastasio can be contacted through:

Alexia Anastasio website:

Alexia Anastasio is a filmmaker, actress, and artist who has starred in, co-directed and co-produced several independent films. Anastasio draws, paints, does collage work and photography. As an actress she was recently featured in feature film Supernaturalz, HBO's Bored to Death, VH1's 'If you like...' commercial and Vetiver’s 'Everyday' music video. Anastasio started working with film 14 years ago while attending SUNY Purchase. At SUNY Purchase she made many short films, some experimental narratives and documentaries, and also started her own art, music and film festival - the CAMP Festival. Anastasio edited the feature documentary Vampira: The Movie, associate produced The Wild World of Ted V. Mikels, produced and starred in the mockumentary 7 Deadly Sins: Inside the Ecomm Cult and helped promote and sell the movies at horror and comic book conventions. Anastasio’s most recently completed documentary Adventures in Plymptoons! has played world wide at over 40 film festivals including Annecy International Animation Film Festival, San Francisco Documentary Film Festival, Dok Leipzig, Bend Film Festival, Woodstock Film Festival, Flip Animation Film Festival and more. The film is available through Hulu, Amazon, and Vimeo.


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