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America is not yet an equal society

Race was an idea developed and used in America to support slavery.  Post-slavery race and other ideas, and practices and institutions that supported slavery, were not fully dismantled.  Instead those things changed names and went underground a couple of levels, and continued to operate in American society.  This is why that now, in 2015, we have two levels of wealth, freedom, and justice in America (as made clear by the many cases of unjust violence against African-Americans by the police, the wealth disparity between Whites and Blacks, the massive Black prison population due to harsher sentencing for Blacks).  There exists in America now one level of opportunities, wealth, freedom for Whites and a lesser one for Blacks. Obviously this is not a good idea - given the fact that it is a source of harm and pain for millions of people in America and a source of unrest which interferes with the quality of life and peace for all.  Also, the continued existence of the idea of races, the belief in that idea (or people taking the idea of separate races of humans seriously, along with the segregation, economic impacts, violence that goes with that social & political caste system of an idea) is used world wide to justify the lingering effects of colonialism.  So, most likely America needs a second Civil Rights Movement.  To try to finally fully achieve the goals of the first civil rights movement of the 1960s, including: a truly equal society, one with one standard of justice for all, and opportunity for all, and one without horrible levels of poverty and race and racism based violence.

As I've said for many years now, race is mostly just a political control idea.  No one needs to take it seriously anymore and no one needs to organize their societies using the concept of races.  Race was used for colonialism world wide and slavery in America - both things caused horrible suffering for hundreds of millions of people.  It's time to let that evil idea go, deal with the lingering effects of slavery and colonialism, and build a better tomorrow.

- Sujewa


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