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2016 Films, 1 Feature A Year Goal, & how the goals of the DIY Film Revolution are now easily achievable

This blog was started in 2006.  Back in those days the idea of making, marketing, distributing an independent feature film on an ultra low budget, outside of Hollywood/Indiewood was still a major challenge.  Those days are now over.  Now, with the proper planning and preparation, it is possible for an indie filmmaker to make & release at least one feature film a year.

The developments in crowdfunding over the last several years (Indiegogo, Kickstarter, Seed & Spark, etc), the coming into being of several ultra low budget films that have gained national & international attention (see Quiet CityLord Byron, All the Light in the Sky, 25 ultra low budget films by Rick Schmidt on Fandor, & many other examples out there) and the emergence of great self-distribution options such as Vimeo VOD makes previously difficult goals of the DIY Filmmaking Revolution (a whole lot of us attempting to master filmmaking & distribution around 2006) now achievable.  Plus the existence of a well developed Internet, marketing & finding collaborators through Facebook & other social media sites (see Ultra Ultra Ultra Low Budget Filmmakers group), & the existence of thousands of how-to videos & articles (see No Film School, YouTube filmmaking videos, etc) makes real indie filmmaking a lot easier now.

That being the case, my goal starting this year is to make & release at least 1 feature length film a year.  I am starting with Breakthrough Weekend (currently being edited) - should be released in May. Then following up with the completion & release of Brooklyn Fantastic (filmed, needs to be edited). After those two projects I hope to shoot a new film this year (latest working title is Happiness Level Infinity).

More info on the films coming as they get completed and released.

- Sujewa


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