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Paterson trailer

Film is opening soon.

A Better Budget: The Beginner’s Guide to Planning an Indie Budget

How I ended up working with puppets in space for most likely a year or more OR the start of my adventure with Matt Zoller Seitz's movie Space Rabbit

Space Rabbit storyboard panel * Sujewa Ekanayake working on budget for Space Rabbit with Stephen, one of director  Matt Zoller Seitz's puppet friends * Sujewa, Stephen the puppet, and Matt discussing the budget for Space Rabbit * Matt receiving advice from Stephen on how to budget  for the needs of the puppet cast members
Over 10 years ago a then little known film critic and filmmaker named Matt Zoller Seitz sent me his first feature "Home" to review on one of my blogs.  It was a pretty good first feature, and I kept in touch with Matt a bit over the years - easy to do thanks to Facebook and other social media.  About a year ago I ran into Matt on the subway in Brooklyn.  This was only the second time in real life that we hung out or met up - the first being back in 2007 during a film blogger meet up in NYC.  Anyway, at the subway meeting we briefly and quickly got caught up on news on our various creative projects and made vague plans to hang out in the near future…