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SPACE RABBIT: INDIEGOGO Campaign Pitch Video + Test Scene

SPACE RABBIT: INDIEGOGO Campaign Pitch Video + Test Scene from SpaceRabbit on Vimeo.

In the test scene in this video, Kenolta Lyef, a street-talking, pot-bellied, alcoholic knight on the animal-populated planet of Planimus, has been arrested for the assassination of President Kaprakoza, a goat. He is accused of rigging a giant globe, the planet’s Globe of Peace, and rolling it over the president, flattening him. However, his monogrammed flask is discovered at the scene of the crime. The ruthless police pig force detains Kenolta and attempts to get a confession out of him, by any means necessary.

This scene is from Space Rabbit - a puppet sci-fi TV show directed by filmmaker and film critic Matt Zoller Seitz. In Space Rabbit a group of puppet animals attempt to free their planet from a dictator. In production now. Release in 2018.
Test Scene credits: Executive Producer - Matt Zoller Seitz, Producer - Sujewa Ekanayake, Screenwriters - Steven Santos, Matt Zoller Seitz, Director - Matt Zoller Seitz, KENOLTA - Voice: Stephen T. Neave, Puppeteers: Eric Wright, Chris Palmieri, BAD PIG - Voice: Matt Zoller Seitz, Puppeteers: Chris Palmieri, Rachel Schapira, GOOD PIG - Voice: Glenn Kenny
Puppeteers: Rachel Schapira, Kirk Bixby, Matt Zoller Seitz, FLEECE ASCOT - Voice: Jen Chaney, Puppeteer: Chris Palmieri, GUARDS - Puppeteers: Chris Palmieri, Kirk Bixby, Rachel Schapira, Matt Zoller Seitz, Sujewa Ekanayake, 
Director of Photography - Daniel Guillaro, Assistant Camera - Josh Michaels, Puppet Builders - Chris Palmieri, Kirk Bixby, Set Builders - Rachel Schapira, Jenisa Jeblee, Costume Design - Yu'seph Cornish, Props - Jenisa Jeblee, Production Assistants - Jenisa Jeblee, Kristina Monllos, Voice Recording - Trytone Sound, Music - John Califra, Editor - Steven Santos, Facebook -, Twitter -, Copyright 2017 Space Rabbit LLC * Contact:


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