Werewolf Ninja Philosopher at Vimeo VOD

Agnes the Alien movie Facebook page link, update on other projects

Started work on a new film - a sci-fi comedy feature, no budget (but awesome) called Agnes the Alien.  Here is the Facebook page for the movie - https://www.facebook.com/agnesthealienmovie/.
We hope to finish shooting the film and edit it by the end of January and start sending it out to film festivals in February.

Werewolf Ninja Philosopher update - We did 1 make up test on 12/1.  Prepping for another one.  Other prep work continues until the end of Feb.  We hope to shoot in March, and edit and complete in April and start sending the movie out to film festivals in April.

Breakthrough Weekend update - BW got a great review from Village Voice back in 2014, and it played the Breakthrough Festival NYC at Anthology Film Archives in 2014, and now the new version of the movie is almost done.  We hope to release it on Vimeo and then on other platforms at the end of December.

Brooklyn Fantastic will be edited this winter and sent out to festivals this winter.  More info on that movie later this month.

And that is the latest on 4 movies that I am working on now!

- Sujewa