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Here's the trailer for WHALE:

Whale_movie trailer from Amir Motlagh on Vimeo.
Check out the movie on Amazon - https://www.amazon.com/Whale-Amir-Motlagh/dp/B01DTIKG62/

About the movie -

Cameron is a 29 year old Iranian American, heartbroken and suffering from a never ending bout of writers block. But shits no joke to our hero, who goes back to mommy's house in Orange County California trying to figure out what went wrong with his life. Will reacquainting with his old high school friends steer him into the right path, or do all signs point toward suburban oblivion?
-The film uses a cast made up of mostly non-actors, including Motlagh's real life parents. Many of the cast were first seen in Amir Motlagh's first short film, Dino Adino (2001). By using an alternative narrative style, the film destroys the lines of fiction and documentary by engaging the audience in a way that traditional narrative fictions cannot.
“WHALE is beautiful in ways I never expected. Lyrical and delightfully lo-fi” Lucas Mcnelly
“WHALE is what Truffaut called the cinema of the future.... It has talent and ambition to spare; Motlagh knows exactly what he wants and he knows how to get it. He's not afraid to be personal, to be slightly obscure and elliptical, to use the freedom that independence gives him. whale is definitely worth seeing and considering for filmgoers and filmmakers alike.” Tom Russell
“Pulsing with a restlessness of purpose and Vision” Alejandro Adams
“The acting/non-acting is so flawless Whale appears to be a blend between documentary footage and a foreign/art house project....I can very comfortably say that Whale is one of the most exciting & well made indie films I’ve seen in a while…creating an interesting/reflective image of ethnic & economic diversity in America.” Sujewa Ekanyake
“Writer/Director Amir is a fresh cinematic voice from the west coast. Distinctly schooled in technique yet has a unique approach to aesthetic over narrative. The film was more of a poem then a tradional story and I love that!” Ryan Balas
"First, let me start off by saying that Whale, written and directed by Amir Motlagh, is a visual masterpiece. It is shot and edited in my favorite style of dynamic camerawork done with an amazing flare for composition and coverage, and immediately draws you in.......Yes, I love Whale. I love it because the characters and dialogue are more natural than 99% of Hollywood movies made. I love it because the scene between Cameron and his ex is one of the best and most realistic scenes I've seen in a long time. Reid Gershbein
“Whale is a shockingly sweet and disturbed look into the soul of self. It left me empty and full of hope at the same time” Ali Sabet
“The fuckers on to something” Natalia Fernandez