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Art as film, the screen is the filmmaker's canvas (making for the screen determines if a work is a film/movie or an internet video project)

Art as Film

In the past people took Hollywood and other film and re-categorized it as art.  That is a valid way to go - as underneath the epic financial and business structure needed for Hollywood filmmaking and distribution, there is a lot of creativity in the actual movies.  The opposite can also be done.  An art project that ends up creating a work that resembles, in some ways, a Hollywood or other film, is also valid.  Art as film.  The main difference being that an art project does not need to be made according to Hollywood rules or independent filmmaking rules.  It can use work methods inspired by paintings (one creator typically), or experimental film (non-narrative, one creator typically) or art film (one or more creators, work is made for creative expression purposes primarily).  The art work can be made for $0 or $1 million or more - whatever money the artist has available or whatever money the art project/the film requires.  Once the work is completed it can be distributed like a typical movie or using more art presentation and sales, marketing approaches - perhaps one screening or a theatrical run - similar to unveiling a painting at an art show, followed by either the work touring (film festivals, other screenings, other theatrical runs) or making the film available through other mediums (prints of a painting would be the art world equivalent, internet video availability - Amazon, Vimeo, etc would be the art film option for other formats - also DVDs, Blu-Rays, etc).

The Screen is the Filmmaker's Canvas

This particular screen is the one at Maysles Cinema

If a film/video work is made for showing first on a movie theater screen (or a similar physical space/presentation event with a screen), then it's a movie or a film. Just as paintings now can be made using a variety of materials - not just paint - but ultimately as long as the items end up on a canvas and it is presented to the public as a painting then it's a painting. So the medium used for making the film - motion picture film or video - does not matter. What matters is the final/main presentation format. The originating format (using motion picture film or video to make the work) is just a choice for the artist/filmmaker to make based on the type of work being made and other factors such as available budget, technology, etc. So, if you make a work for the movie theater screen - as the chosen/main/best/first way to present it to the public - then it is a movie. If you make it to play first as in internet video then you are making an internet video. Either one is fine, as long as the filmmaker or video maker knows what they are choosing, and the limits of the main presentation format or space.

Organizing a screening on a movie theater screen or similar is not that difficult - you just need a space, a projector, sound system, a screen, and chairs for the audience, and ways to invite an audience to the event - all of these things are relatively easy to find, when some work is put into the project.