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Village Voice BREAKTHROUGH WEEKEND Review Link

In 2014 when I screened the then current version of my feature Breakthrough Weekend in NYC Village Voice reviewed it. For the most part a positive review. Ignore the first paragraph about image quality, perhaps the reviewer received a bad DVD screener, the image and sound quality of the movie is excellent. People will be able to see for themselves in late July of this year when I release the movie on VOD. Also the story about the German couple mentioned in the review may not be in the final version of the movie because we were not able to film a part of that story. Otherwise, great review :)

From the review - "...Breakthrough Weekend has audacity and poker-faced wit on its side; its wayward pacing and peculiar rhythms recall early Jim Jarmusch, though it has a New York–centric spirit all its own."

More - "It’s all pretty weird, and yet not as weird as it sounds. Ekanayake’s deadpan approach makes every event seem comically reasonable, especially for New York, a place that’s much, much stranger than paradise."

Read the review here.

New trailer, clips, coming in July 2018 prior to the VOD release of the movie.


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