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Almost went to see Brick tonight, but didn't since it was playing at a Landmark theater

Yup, would have liked to have seen Brick tonight. But since Mark Cuban has not reversed his decision to ban Caveh Zahedi's I Am A Sex Addict from playing at his Landmark theaters in Comcast markets, I am still trying to stay away from Landmark. Almost gave in, nothing too interesting was playing in town, except for Brick. But Brick was playing at a Landmark theater - E St. in DC. So, instead of seeing Brick I saw V For Vendetta at Uptown. V is a pretty good movie, liked it. And Uptown is a nice theater to see a movie in, gigantic screen. Would have been nice to give my $s & time to the indie Brick, but couldn't, due to Landmark. I guess I'll see Brick on DVD, as long as a Cuban owned company is not putting it out.

- Sujewa


Media Guerilla said…

So Caveh is complaining that he's losing out because of something that has nothing to do with him (Marc Cuban Vs. Comcast), so your response is to make the director of Brick to lose out because of something that has nothing to do with him.

Same dif.
The Sujewa said…
The director of Brick did not lose out, his movie opened as planned at Landmark Theaters (as fas as I can tell).

And besides, I'll catch Brick on DVD (looks like Focus is ditributing the film, most likely they will put the DVD out too),or cable, or on VOD.

- Sujewa
Chuck said…
This brings up an interetsing debate. I'm all for solidarity with Caveh's Cuban crusade but wondering if boycotting is the best strategy, especially since it may in fact hurt indie filmmakers, such as the folks who makde Brick. I'm not sure what the right strategy would be, but I fear that the critical mass isn't happening here.
The Sujewa said…
Indie filmmakers are not going to be hurt by people not going to Landmark theaters. There are other theaters that will pick up the business if Landmark goes down.
And perhaps all the little theaters that closed when Landmark came into town will re-open if Landmark closes.

All that aside, I seriously doubt people who are upset at Cuban's treatment of Caveh's film boycotting Landmark will have a significant effect on Landmark's revenue at this point (since the people who care enough about this issue are releatively few). But,
1. Staying away from Landmark makes me feel better, it is SOMETHING I can do, besides blogging, to protest Landmark's move
2. In the long run, if Landmark continues to alienate people and more people stay away from them, they may feel some pain, change their behavior.

Indie film goers & indie filmmakers can live w/ out Landmark (we did before Landmark came on the scene), but Landmark will not be able to live w/ out indie film goers & filmmakers.

- Sujewa

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