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Gary Meyer, U Rock! (he helps in saving Sex Addict in Berkeley)

Looks like Elmwood in Berkeley is going to open Sex Addict on Fri:

(from Green Cine Daily, comments section of Sex Addict review, posted today):

" I program the Balboa and have become an I AM A SEX ADDICT addict. When Landmark pulled the film I urged other east bay exhibitors to book it and the Elmwood in Berkeley will open SEX ADDICT on Friday.

If the movie does strong business it will be interesting to see if Landmark changes their policy. I have a hunch the film buying department, all good folks, were not happy to be pawns in this game. But they don't hold the purse strings on a very big bank account.
Posted by: Gary Meyer at April 4, 2006 11:26 AM "

Awright, Sex Addict lives in Berkeley!

Go Gary Meyer!

- Sujewa


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