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Gettin' rrrrrreaady for Seattle ::. Awesome, I Fucking Saw That

Jewel Greenberg as Missy, the character who goes on a blind date w/ a ninja in Date Number One.
photo copyright 2005 sujewa ekanayake/wild diner films

It has been a productive & enjoyable S-a-t-u-r-d-a-y here in K-town, Kenfantabulousington, MD.

* Edited for a few hours early AM
* Did some dayjob work @ the lovely All Books Considered
* Had dinner w/ The Amanda
* Shot some ext night footage of Kensington, the film needs a few minutes of those
* Started a new blog, this blog
* Saw the Beastie Boys concert video movie Awesome, I Fucking Shot That! in Georgetown w/ housemate Allie. An interesting movie, in the best sense of the word interesting. A movie u can dance to. Nice to see the Beasties still rocking out after all these years. I see them rocking out even when they are like 75. Jackvalentistyle.

Pretty good day all in all.

Been Thinking about all the promo work ahead for the Date Number One 5/19 - 5/21 screenings in Seattle @ the Northwest Film Forum (NWFF), been coming up with some master plans. Around 4/10 they will start to go into effect. I will be setting up a new web page on the site for the Seattle screenings, while I wait to see if the NWFF website will mention the event (they at present do not mention rental/"4-wall"/DIY events, only stuff that they themselves program, that could change, working on it). Even w/ that, perhaps temporary, problem NWFF have been very cool people to work w/ so far. Go Matt "Rentals" C & gang!

No matter what, all media in Seattle will know about the DNO gig there by the middle of this month baby. Hopefully at least some of them will mention the event.

Need to update my MySpace & Friendster sites to serve the film. That too will get done around 4/10 - 4/15.

awright, G'night! time to go sleep so i can wake up & edit, edit, edit.



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