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"Kicking Bird", "Stolen Toyota" & Kelley Baker in DC on Thu April 20

April 20, 2006, 7 PM: Portland filmmaker Kelley Baker at Kensington Row Bookshop (3786 Howard Ave., Kensington, MD 20895) w/ feature drama "Kicking Bird" & short "Stolen Toyota". A Capital City Microcinema screening.

KICKING BIRD (2005) is the story of Martin "Bird" Johnson, a 17 year old high school kid who runs. With his Mother in jail, his father gone, one brother in a work camp and his bitter grandfather beating him, there is nothing else to do but run! One day the manipulative high school cross country Coach sees Martin out run his entire team, (they want to beat him up), and thinks that Martin is his ticket to a college coaching position. On a budget of $6000 and an 18 day shooting schedule this movie was shot in digital video. It features an original Soundtrack, available on CD.

W/ short film Stolen Toyota. Stolen Toyota chronicles the loss of Kelley Baker's 1977 Toyota Pick up.

Kelley Baker is well known for working with other people. He was the sound designer on six of Gus Van Sant's feature films including MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO, GOOD WILL HUNTING, and FINDING FORRESTER. He designed the sound on Todd Haynes feature film FAR FROM HEAVEN with Dennis Quaid and Julieanne Moore. He was an Editor and a Sound Designer for Will Vinton's The Adventures of Mark Twain, and on four Claymation Specials for CBS. Baker has written and directed three full length features. He also wrote and directed 8 short films which have aired on PBS, The Learning Channel, Canadian and Australian television. His films have been shown at several Film Festivals, including London, Sydney, Annecy and Edinburgh, Sundance, Chicago, Mill Valley and Aspen.


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