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one blog to "rule" all sujewa blogs?

that's me in the green shirt rehearsing w/ dc based actress Jewel Greenberg, we are working on the segment of Date Number One called The Superdelicious Language Lesson (story 5). Jewel is working on learning some French words. i videotaped a French speaker speaking the words, and am playing it back to Jewel in this shot. on the floor is Jim Laughlin's XL1s, which was used to shoot most of Date Number One. photo copyright sujewa ekanayake/wilddiner films 2005

i have too many blogs going * need to simplify, need to focus mostly on blogging about my new movie Date Number One * but from time to time I will want to write about other filmy things, political things, life thingies, so maybe this blog could be an all purpose blog * until Date Number One distro is over i think i'll blog mostly about that project here * it'll take a while to add all links from other blogs & make this blog ready for the public, but the process starts nou!


Chris Hansen said…
well, hello at your new digs, sujewa.
The Sujewa said…
hola chris, justmovingin.


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