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Sex Addict doing better than 74 other indie films at the box office, per screen

Where I operate, the DIY film world, box office performance is not the most important story regarding a film's distribution. However, in the indiewood realm where Caveh Zahedi works now w/ his excellent new film I Am A Sex Addict, the box office performance is important (and in the next realm over, Hollywood, box office performance is like water, religion, or sex - very, very important). That being the case, it is nice to see Sex Addict doing well. It was my #1 choice for Best Films of '05, nice to see it getting a chance to display itself to more people.

According to indieWIRE's indie film box office chart for the previous week, Sex Addict is in the 15th place, above 74 other indie films. Placement on the chart is determined by the per screen average. See the chart here. Rock on Caveh & Team Sex Addict!

- Sujewa


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