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Ed Burns has a new movie!? :: The Groomsmen

Either I haven't been reading my blogs very carefully or Ed Burns' new flick's distro company has not sent any press material to the blogs I read. Anyways, the good news is Burns has a new flick called The Groomsmen, playing now in NYC & LA, according to the flick's website. Burns' Sidewalks of New York saved my life when I was shooting Date Number One in '04. Sidewalks' DVD extras had a segment where Burns talks about shooting the flick like a doc or editing it like a doc (quick shooting, jump cuts, etc.) and that approach helped me save the shooting of Story 2 in Date Number One. So, as a thank you, & since he's always made pretty decent movies (not as experimental as Jarmusch & Hartley, not as funky as Linklater, but solid stuff, & more enjoyable than Kevin Smith's work, to compare Burns with some of his peers) I am going to check out The Groomsmen as soon as I can. Maybe it'll play in DC, if not I'll check it out on DVD. Good luck with this one Ed.

- Sujewa
ps: I just saw Burns on Travis Smiley, and I think Burns thinks that Sidewalks of New York was not a success. I thought it was an excellent flick. Then again I do not care about the box office, so maybe he was speaking strictly about box office success.


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