Monday, July 24, 2006

Got a couple of characters for the next flick

Date Number One distribution project is just getting started (9 screenings so far, DVD v1 coming around 9/1 - will be available through's STORE, $12, & lots more screenings coming starting in September) but I am already thinking about the script for the next flick.

Unlike in the past I won't give too much away until the flick is made, but this much I can tell right now: the next feature will be shot in early '07, John Stabb Schroeder (ninja from Story 1 of DNO) & Jennifer Blakemore (Sunshine in Story 2 of DNO) will reprise their roles (in the case of John he will play the ninja's twin brother, a bartender, seen in one scene in DNO, Jennifer will play the same character - Sunshine). Making decisions on the plot & story right now, collecting notes for characters & scenes. This next feature will also be an ultra low budget, DIY, self-distributed flick.

But for the rest of this year & until the next flick is ready to play at some point hopefully around the middle of next year, my main film related activity will be Date Number One distribution & the required promotions. Committing to making another movie is exciting, even if there is a LOT of work ahead. Making a new feature w/in the 1st half of the year & spending the rest of the year distributing it might be a good pattern to get into.

- Sujewa

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