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Handmade Fassbinder t-shirts by Jordan Mattos

That's right, there's a person out there who draws images from & inspired by Fassbinder flicks & flicks by several other filmmakers on t-shirts & sells them at $150 a pop. That person is Jordan Mattos, a filmmaker who works for IndiePix. Jordan's t-shirt samples can be found at his site. I think this is a cool little hobby. Possibly a good way to raise $s for a project, special handmade t-shirts. Chloe Sevigny is a fan of the shirts. If you feel like getting one of those special t-shirts, you can order one throught the site.

- Sujewa


Josh Boelter said…
That's pretty cool. I'd actually planned to sell some hand-painted shirts down the road in support of my movie. The lead character is an artist who paints his own shirts, so I planned to sell some shirts by "the character." It would be too tim-consuming to do it any sort of mass-production though.

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