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Head Trauma "a true independent film"

From The Beach Reporter's coverage of Lance Weiler's new feature Head Trauma & its appearance at the LAFF:

" A true independent film, “Head Trauma” is written, directed and produced by Weiler. He is even handling his own press. But this is nothing new for Weiler who also wrote and directed the digital feature “The Last Broadcast,” which just finished a run on HBO and can be seen on IFC. He was also in “development hell” with a pilot that tested well but never got picked up, an inspiration for “Head Trauma.”

“I think in some ways it's very rewarding and there's that creative control,” said Weiler of independent filmmaking. “It's a case of the grass is always greener. You want more resources but you hear when people are working on studio films what they're looking for is more creative freedom. They're looking for the ability to own the negative, own their work. So I think it's always a Catch-22. It's very hard when you have to do all this stuff yourself. You try to maintain the integrity of the film, trying to make sure you are on schedule, trying to make sure you're getting all you can for practically nothing. I think we did that pretty well throughout the movie. I think we got a really high-quality film for what we had to work with.” "

Read the rest of the article here.

Weiler is also theatrically self-distributing the film. It doesn't get any more indie than this.

Read more about Lance's self-distribution plans at this Indie Features 06 entry.

- Sujewa


lw said…

Thanks so much for the mention. I've been trying to find a D.C. or Baltimore venue but haven't much luck. Any suggestions?

The Sujewa said…
No problem Lance. I sent you an e-mail w/ some DC area theater suggestions. Let me know if you did not get it.

- Sujewa
Jacky Treehorn said…
Well-done Lance! Best of luck with your dist. of "Head Trauma."


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