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IFILM wants more trailers & video from real indie films

Hey Real Indie Filmmakers,

Mike Everleth from IFILM asked me a couple of days ago to spread the word about their indie section: IFILM's Indie Film page Mike said that while IFILM gets a lot of video material from the bigger distributors, they do not at the moment get a lot of video material from smaller, real indie, DIY, and self-distributed projects. So go check out their page & submit your trailers & clips to them. Could result in a higher profile for your movie. One thing I've learned from DIY distribution is that we can never have too much publicity for our small-promotional-budget projects. IFILM & other real indie friendly web sites can help us a lot.
As soon as I take care of some overdue work that should have been done like 6 months ago, I am going to cut a trailer for Date Number One & send it off to IFILM & other websites that promote indie films through clips & trailers. I should be able to get the trailer done this month, in time to help promote September & beyond screenings & the DVD.

- Sujewa


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the plug, man. For filmmakers who are interested, contact info is on the IFILM Indie Films page (check on the right side of the page).

Looking forward to the trailer!

Mike Everleth
Indie Films
Chris Hansen said…
Hey Mike -- I posted my film's trailer but didn't know how to send it specifically to the "indie" section... it's called THE PROPER CARE & FEEDING OF AN AMERICAN MESSIAH....

Thanks for the tip, Sujewa.

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