Thursday, July 27, 2006

Indie Features 06 is popping with info. on several excellent real indie flicks

At Indie Features 06 you can now read about the self-distribution adventures of several indie flicks: Date Number One playing at Pioneer Theater in NYC on 8/31 (info link)- 9 PM(tix link), upcoming LOL & Jumping Off Bridges screenings in NYC (Pioneer again), The Proper Care & Feeding of an American Messiah getting into several festivals & its director driving cross country to screen his movie in MD, Angry Filmmaker Kelley Baker's DIY touring & screening adventures with Kicking Bird & other movies of his, Lance Weiler's ambitious multi-city theatrical screenings & nationwide DVD release of his new movie Head Trauma, and that's just info. on a few titles off the top of my head. Indie Features 06 is THE place for news on real indie films right now. Tired of reading about fake Hollywood indies in every other blog & magazine baby? Then stroll on down to IF06, spend some time reading through the blog - there's over 100 entries there - all from this year!, it'll put a smile on yer face & warm yer heart.

- Sujewa

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