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Lance Weiler's awesome hybrid (DIY theatrical + DVD release w/ partner co.) approach to distributing Head Trauma

Head Trauma gets to play in theaters & also gets into stores nationwide on DVD while Lance retains all the important distribution rights to the flick.

Here's the initial Indie Features 06 post that introduced the HT DVD distribution topic.

Here's a portion of Lance's comment re: a question about how he is getting his DVD into stores nationwide while doing DIY distribution of the film:

" I'm doing a hybrid model. The theatrical is DIY and the DVD release is in conjunction with a small label. After running my own label I wanted to find a partner that I could do the release with. Last time I spent 2 much time on management. So this time I struck a deal with a small label that helps me reach retail and rental BUT allows me to hold all rights. Plus I was able to create an amazing deal - I leveraged the theatrical release to help get me the best terms possible. I carved away all digital rights, VOD, Theatrical, even the rights to sell DVD's over my sites and I get the DVD's for a little over cost and can sell them myself."

Read the rest of the answer here, in the Comments section.

Here's the website for Head Trauma.

Newcomer DIY filmmakers such as myself can learn some valuable DIY distro kung fu skillz from experienced DIY pros such as Lance. Lance is writing a book that addresses the topic of DIY distribution, I will be getting a copy of it when it comes out next year.

- Sujewa


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