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Less War, More Date Number One

Ananda (Subodh Samudre) & Missy (Jewel Greenberg) from Date Number One.
photo copyright 2006 sujewa ekanayake/wild diner films

I just discovered a new site, thanks to filmmaker Agnes Varnum (she's hip to new useful teknological stuff - also introduced me to Flikr), called Looks like its a tool to help plan & promote outings. The link above takes you to the Date Number One NYC premiere notice/ page for it, which is happening on 8/31 @ 9 PM at the mighty Pioneer "Independent Film Without Excuses" Theater. Thanks Agnes!

- Sujewa


Agnes Varnum said…
np! Looking forward to seeing the film and meeting you
The Sujewa said…
well, the event is already a 34% success (w/ about 30 days to go 'till it happens), if u r coming to it :)
see ya on 8/31 agnes!

- sujewa

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