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Out of Wassup Rockers, Devil Wears Prada, Clerks II, Miami Vice, Scoop, the best is...

I've been on an indiewood/Hollywood new flick watching kick lately. Who knows why, maybe thinking about what to avoid in my next flick (& perhaps what kind of things to consider adding).
Saw Woody Allen's new movie Scoop last night. Scoop was photographed well and there were at most 3 moments that I found to be lightly funny, but overall the flick is not very engaging, or, the flick is dull. But I did like Match Point quite a bit. And Woody Allen will remain one of my film heros 'cause he made Manhattan & Annie Hall & several other excellent movies. Anyway, out of all the indiewood & Hollywood flicks seen recently, Clerks II is the clear winner for "the best movie seen in a while" title. Now I will return to watching & writing about excellent indie/DIY flicks that most mall movie goers will not hear of and of course promoting the NYC premiere of my flick Date Number One on 8/31, 9 PM @ the Pioneer Theater. If you only get to see one movie this week, consider Clerks II. And if you live in NYC or close by & you only get to see one flick on the week of 8/31, u know which one I want you to check out :)

- Sujewa
PS: ooops, forgot about Pirates II, I liked that one, in a thrill ride league all its own, recommended.


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