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Stranger Than Screenwriting

Jim Jarmusch's movies are unlike any other American movies around. Characters spend a lot of time without doing much or saying much. It would be very strange for a screenwriter other than Jarmusch to write a script that could work as a Jarmusch movie because financiers & producers will probably be very hesitant to support such an unorthodox script. Yet the weirdest of all possible film lawsuits are happening, GreenCine Daily points to this story about a screenwriter accusing Jarmusch of stealing the script to Broken Flowers. Perhaps the legal system will produce the truth.

It would suck if it turns out that Jarmusch did steal the Broken Flowers script. But I guess if that happens I can still be a huge fan of Stranger Than Paradise, Down By Law, Mystery Train & Night On Earth, since their originality is uncontested. Until proven otherwise, I am going to assume that Broken Flowers is a Jarmusch original. It certainly bears a lot of Jarmusch signs: quirky characters, dry humor, a protagonist who does not speak much, a blend of cultures (Ethiopian neighbor & soundtrack), a thin plot, a road trip, scenes with unpredictable beginings & endings.

Good luck to the truth.

- Sujewa


Jacky Treehorn said…

ran a blurb aboout it a few weeks back. I hope it is just fluff as well. I refuse to believe that JJ is out of ideas.

The Sujewa said…
Yeah, let's hope it is a gigantic misunderstanding at best. I seriously doubt Jarmusch stole the Broken Flowers script.

- Sujewa

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