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Takoma Park screening, Date Number One screening #9!, went well

Just got home from showing Date Number One at Takoma Park, MD. Highlights: awesome venue, Sangha does Fair Trade business w/ artisans from around the world, very cool place to play. Pretty decent turn out, everyone seemed to enjoy the movie. An audience member named Roland laughed a lot, almost at every funny situation. Dele William's (one of the stars in Story 2) sister & a cousin showed up to the screening, enjoyed the movie, asked some interesting questions about the film after the screening.

Takoma Park has a film festival coming up later this year, perhaps I'll submit DNO, maybe I can sell some DVDs at the event or because of the exposure from the event, if the film gets in.

I guess I should submit the film to at least a few festivals (even though I am not all that excited about the festival route, see previous post), mainly because quite a few important-to-the-project people expect me to do so, they think it will be good for the movie in the long run. So I will submit to a few fests, starting w/ Cucaloris (sp?) in NC. I think their deadline is Sat, better get on the submission thang.

Had some banana ice cream in Takoma Park tonight. Made some new friends. Takoma Park is a lovely MD town, check it out if you haven't yet.

Next up for Date Number One: the DVD v1, should be ready for sale in early August ($12), lots of screenings coming up in September, and I guess some festival submissions. A handful of new reviews should be coming up on the web soon, will link to them when I see them. Lots of exciting stuff ahead, details coming soon.

I love screening the film to audiences, specially ones who really dig the movie. Thanks Takoma Park, see you soon.

- Sujewa


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