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Variety interview, IFP panel coming up :: Still not motivated to submit to festivals

Looks like I will be interviewed for a Variety article next week. It's for an upcoming indie film issue of theirs (didn't know they had indie film issues, very cool). Will write more about this after the interview happens.

Also, speaking of new indie film opportunities, last week I was invited to speak at an IFP panel event in October re: self-distribution & using new media/alternative publicity methods, etc. Will do a full post about this in the coming week. The panel event sounds interesting & useful. One that I would attend even if I wasn't a part of it. I've never been on an indie film panel before, so this is exciting. & the event will be in NYC, which doubles the excitement level.

Still not motivated to submit Date Number One to film festivals. Fest deadlines come & go
w/out having any real impact on me. I've had good luck with 4-wall screenings & a couple of excellent bookings, so I think I'll just keep heading in that direction. Festivals are useful, but not every indie film needs to take the festival route to get to the audience. I like being able to (or at least there being the chance of) making money from every screening, makes the management of debt-related-to-the-film a tiny bit easier. Fests at this point do not share revenue from screenings with filmmakers (there may be a couple of exceptions out there). When fests do start sharing $s with filmmakers, I will no doubt take them more seriously. But, my objections to participating in them aside, film festivals are, & have been, a very positive thing for indie film fans & makers for a long, long time.

Now I am off to check out a great deal I found on an ad space at an excellent blog.

- Sujewa


Chris Hansen said…
Cool about the Variety interview, Suj. How'd you swing that?
The Sujewa said…
a writer who is writing one of the articles contacted me, knew about my flick, probably from all the blog entries I do about the film.
will ask how he found out about the film when the interview happens.
Chris Hansen said…
well, regardless, it's very cool. congrats!
Jacky Treehorn said…
It's the industry rag Sujewa! Well done!

The Sujewa said…
Hey JB,

Thanks for the well done. Yeah, I am kind of excited about it. Will be a lot more excited when I actually see info. on my flick in Variety, when the interview is done & the article/V's indie film issue comes out. All in all sounds like a pretty good press opportunity. most eggcellent :)

- Sujewa

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