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Date Number One: Central Europe possibly soon, Kensington, MD tomorrow (Thu 10/5, 7:30 PM)

Can't say much about it at this point as it may turn out to be nothing or something that takes a loong time to happen, but there is some interest in Date Number One from a very well known global company re: possibly showing the flick in Central Europe (Poland, Hungary, etc.), of all places - quite far from DC :) Working on figuring out what's what, should have more info. on this new distribution possibility in a few weeks - it's something that just came my way a couple of days ago w/ no effort in my part in that direction (showing the flick in central europe that is). the film may be entering a weird & interesting zone of low key fame & exposure, something that i find to be utterly hilarious & wonderful...let's see what happens, the life of a DIY no-budget filmmaker/project is very entertaining if nothing else, more on all this soon hopefully.

In the meantime, the flick screens tomorrow, Thu 10/5, @ 7:30 PM in Kensington, MD. Here is the essential info:

a comedy about several first dates
a movie by sujewa ekanayake

Thu Oct 5, 2006 :: 7:30 PM :: $5
Capital City Microcinema at
Kensington Row Bookshop
3786 Howard Ave., Kensington, MD 20895
301.949.9416 :: MapQuest :: Directions

Go here for some reviewer quotes & other details re: the flick.

And here's the link to the latest review of the movie, by filmmaker Amir Motlagh.

Talk 2 ya soon, see ya on Thu night.

- Sujewa


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