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Blog name change

The Date Number One DVD is on its way, should be ready for sale this month. And I am planning out several production & distribution projects for '07. Got a new plan re: blogging, thus the name of the blog is changed to reflect my production company name: Wild Diner Films.

The new plan is to BLOG LESS & DO MORE FILM PRODUCTION AND DISTRIBUTION. So, the focus of this blog will now narrow to mostly Date Number One related news & stuff on my upcoming, '07 films. Of course I will not be able to not write about very relevant DIY/indie film news when they happen, but for the most part this blog will be different starting now.

Also, I will not be doing an '07 version of my Indie Features 06 blog, in order to blog less & spend less time on blogging related matters & devote more time to film work. IF06 is a very cool & very successful group blogging experiment. Something that other filmmakers can imitate if they wish. Blogging can be a lot of work, but it is very useful in generating press & publicity for your work.

And that's the latest for now, a brand new year is coming, so big changes are happening over here. Thanks & see ya soon!

- Sujewa


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