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Monday, November 27, 2006

DON'T READ If You Have Not Seen The Fountain Yet

I don't want to take away your "figuring it out" experience, so, until you see The Fountain, don't read this post.

Now, for the people who have seen the movie, here's my take on the plot; let me know what you think:

I think that Story 1 - the one about Spain & the Conquistador, never happened in the real world of the film - it is merely a story created by Izzy - the female lead character in Story 2 - the one with the doctor & the monkey. It, Story 1, is also a symbolic story - a tale - that hints at what will happen to the real person - Tom in Story 2, as he continues with his quest for immortality.

Story 3, the space story set in the future, is a continuation of Story 2. The male lead is the same male, Tom, from Story 2. The tatooing that he started in the modern time, our time, after Izzy's death, continued for hundreds of years & by the time we get to the space story, the dude is covered in tattoos. Also, the two stories being the tale of one character explains the flashbacks Space Tom has, flashbacks to Izzy in our time.

So what do you thinks? Does that make sense?

- Sujewa


Tom said...

I read it differently. Yes on Story 1 and Story 2, but I saw Story 3 as Tom's parallel to Izzi's Story 1; a fiction, a dream, a subconscious and internal telling of his own struggle with Izzy's impending death. This explains his fixation on the events in Story 2; His lost ring, his regrets over Izzi's impending death (how does the story end? Why can't he find a cure? Why didn't he walk with her in the snow?), etc. I think Tom's story of space travel is the only way he can find to deal with his powerlessness and Izzi's impending death. It also explains the last shot of the film where Tom in Story 3 has already entered the Mayan afterlife (a parallel death to Izzy's that happens in both Story 1 and Story 3), and the film returns to Story 2, to Tommy at Izzi's graveside, saying goodbye. He's conquered his regrets and dealt with his loss and finds hope.

My read anyway.

The Sujewa said...

That's pretty good Tom, makes sense. Does explain away the shots from Story 2 - dude at grave site, buring a seed/fruit by the grave, etc. at the end of the film - or at least gives those shots more meaning. Unless that seed/fruit thingy grows into the tree that Space Tom carries with him in his bubble ship? Hmmm, will have to see the flick again down the road.



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