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For Your Consideration, Living in Oblivion, Day for Night

I like movies about making movies. So I went to see For Your Consideration tonight. Kind of funny, pretty good movie. But not as funny as Best In Show, another movie by the same filmmaking team.

The best movie so far, the best comedy at least, about making movies that I've seen is Living in Oblivion. I have not seen Truffaut's Day for Night, which sounds like more of a drama about filmmaking than a comedy, looking forward to checking it out. Here is a page that reviews both Living in Oblivion & Day for Night DVDs.

- Sujewa


Reel Fanatic said…
I too love movies about making movies, so I'll definitely see this one if it ever makes it to my little corner of the world .. If I could recommend one other, "Tristram Shandy" from a couple of years ago is simply hilarious
The Sujewa said…
Hey RF,

Yeah, I've seen Tristam Shandy, good movie. Also liked most of Irma Vep (name?), there's a cozy filmmaking-lovin' feel to that French movie. Another good one is State & Main - comedy about a Hollywood crew taking over a small town for a shoot. I am sure there are others - good movies about making movies.

- Sujewa

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