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Hope New York has the death penalty

Looks like Adrienne Shelly may have been murdered. Here's the story.

Although, the following from the news story sounds weird:

" Pillco allegedly punched the 5-foot-2 actress after she complained about the noise he was making in the West Village apartment building where her office is located, killing her.

He then allegedly admitted to dragging the body up to her office, and positioning her in the shower to make her death look like a suicide."

How can a person kill another person with a punch or several punches? I am sure it is possible, but it probably is difficult and would leave signs of struggle on the body. Didn't the initial news reports say that there was no unusual damage to the body? Also, how did the alleged killer know where Shellys office was? Why did this person go into the office with a dead body - how did he know that there wasn't anyone else there? Also, the dude would have to be very odd in order to respond to a noise complaint by attacking a person who works in the building that he is working at. Very strange stuff, hopefully the police will get to the truth soon.

No matter what, all very tragic for people who loved Shelly, and her fans.

- Sujewa


Anonymous said…
The murderer is an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT . . . note the news media won't report on THIS one day before election day!
The Sujewa said…
To Anonymous,

The murder is being reported pretty well. Just read an AOL story on it.

No official statements regarding the immigration status of the accused has been made, at least not in a dozen of the news stories I read.

- Sujewa

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