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Indie Film Stuff That I Am Thankful For This Year

There is of course the non-indie film stuff that I am very thankful for; consisting mainly of being alive, good health & the special people in my life.

And now here's the list of indie film stuff that I am thankful for this year:

- getting Date Number One finished with the help of a whole lot of people

- getting the 12 screenings of DNO done this year, again a lot of people helped with that one, u know who u are

- Chuck Tryon's review of DNO after the World Premiere screening in May, very thankful for that, it was way better than what I expected

- all the other positive reviews of DNO from this year, very very thankful for those; from Hollywood Is Talking blog, GreenCine Daily & Amir Motlagh

& a big thanks to anyone who is not covered by the above items but helped me with my indie film stuff this year. indie film maybe independent of hollywood, but it is very dependent on a lot of cool people, at least that is the case in my experience - so thanks thanks thanks a lot to all of you.

- sujewa


Chuck said…
The review was well deserved, and I hope that it was helpful for you in getting the film to a wider audience.
Jacky Treehorn said…
Hey Sujewa,

You are more than welcome! Thank you for spurring and promoting DIY filmmaking and distribution.


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