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It's gonna be hard to love Seinfeld re-runs after this

Well, this really sucks, Seinfeld's Micheal Richards freaked out at a stand up performance this past weekend & started insulting a couple of African-American audience members/hecklers. Thanks Matt Dentler's blog for the word on this story. I guess I can try to remind myself that the Kramer character is a fictional creation and not Micheal Richards, but its gonna be hard to enjoy the re-runs of one of my favorite comedies of all time from now on. Not sure how Richards is going to try to recover from this one, he wasn't drunk as far as I know - so that's one excuse he won't be able to use. Richards issued an apology for the melt down on the Letterman show on Monday night, I saw a little bit of it just now on the TV news, doesn't look like Richards really knows what went wrong this weekend at the comedy club. What's with all the ugly rage Richards? You were probably set for life & beyond because of the popularity of Kramer. Sad & stupid. And it must've really sucked for the audience at the comedy club, specially the individuals who were the target of Richards' racist rage attack.

- Sujewa


Anonymous said…
Your headline made me laugh outloud - I watched two Seinfeld reruns last night and it was impossible to avoid zeroing in on Kramer.
Chuck said…
He seemed genuinely embarrassed and apologetic on Letterman last night, but the vile, rage-filled language was truly upsetting. He apparently is trying to personally make amends with some of the people who were in the club, and I hope he's able to do that.

The title of your blog post is interesting to m, though. Does it matter [in terms of enjoyment, or whatever] if one of the actors is racist or homophobic? Not sure I have an easy answer to that question.
The Sujewa said…
Hey Chuck & Karina,

Yeah, Chuck, re: Richards behavior affecting an audience member's (mine in this case) enjoyment of his TV work: it's gonna be a real thing. Since I personally liked Kramer even more than I liked the Jerry character, the star or the lead of the show. But on the other hand, Kramer is crazy in a way, so maybe over time, if Richards apologizes enough & gets some help, people will forgive him. He needs to have some very good reasons as to why he ended up saying that nasty stuff he said on stage. I am going to avoid watching Seinfeld for a while. Active racism - racist actions - are no minor thing. Not a good career move for an entertainer.

- Sujewa

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