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My Jonas Mekas inspired project for '07: 365 video blog posts

Earlier this month I was worried about blogging too much & not making more movies. But I am no way ready to quit blogging & in '07 my main film project will be Date Number One distribution so I do not know how many new features I will be able to complete in '07; so, perhaps combining blogging & editing & shooting video & keeping a journal may be the way to go for me. So, I am going to try to post 365 video blog posts in '07. Each post will be a few seconds to 5 minutes long - they'll be everything from diary entry type posts to short films. Perhaps they will be posted on YouTube & also in this blog. I got the idea from Jonas Mekas - he will be posting 365 short films in '07. I've got a bunch of stuff to figure out - I have not posted a single video blog entry yet. But it should be fun. Making & releasing a feature takes a long time - short video blog posts will keep me involved with filmmaking on a daily basis - actual writing, shooting, editing as opposed to distribution or just writing for a long time or just producing/shooting for a long time. It could also be a new promotional thing for my other projects: Date Number One, '07 features, etc. Hopefully there will be some neat interviews with fellow indie film people & posts from the road/from DNO screenings in there among my 365 '07 posts. Also some interesting reports on Kensington, MD maybe - we've got some colorful places & people here. Let's see If I can pull it off. Now I am off to go watch stuff on Mekas' site, he's got a big collection of short films there - very inspirational.

UPDATE 12/1:
On second thought, posting 1 video clip a day may not be such a bright idea; it took me over 5 hours to prepare & upload a 2 minute video clip to YouTube last night. Also, I am more excited about posting clips from my features rather than doing very short video art pieces. Perhaps a combination of the two, and perhaps at least 1 video post a month is a better way to go for me. 'cause I can use the time it takes to create daily video shorts to work on finishing my features. Maybe the way to go in '07 is regular blogging; at least a couple of times a week with at least 1 video post a month. We'll see how things roll out in '07.

- Sujewa


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