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Saw JUMPING OFF BRIDGES, hung out w/ producer Stacy S.

Made it just in time for tonight's NIH sponsored screening of Jumping Off Bridges at AFI Silver. There were a lot of people in attendance, 100 - 150 or more perhaps. The film tells the story of a family dealing with grief & suicide. After the screening there was a Q & A session with mental health professionals & producers of the film. And after that I hung out with producer Stacy Schoolfield (one of my Indie Features 06 co-bloggers) & friends at an Austin Grill of all places (Stacy is from Austin). Good movie, good people, that's the main story from tonight. It was nice to see Team JOB in action, traveling with the movie/getting it out to screens DIY style, & being well received by the DC area audience.

- Sujewa


Sujewa, you're doing a great job promoting the DC film scene. I wish blogs were in existence in 1998-99, when I lived in Arlington, VA, because then I would have known more about the great indie/diy films playing around town.
The Sujewa said…
Thanks Brian The Film Panel Notetaker,

Yeah, there's quite a bit of activity in the DC indie film scene. Glad to write about it when I get a chance.

- Sujewa
Stacy said…
It was great meeting you in person Sujewa! We had about 270 in the audience, and with the panel we had, this was one of my favorite screenings.
Come visit us in Austin!
The Sujewa said…
Hey Stacy,

Likewise, it was much fun meeting Team J.O.B. & eating & trading stories at Austin Gill Silver Spring.

Austin, Texas is definitely on my list of cities to visit in '07.

Talk to you soon.

- Sujewa

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