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Select self-distributed indie films of 2006 :: Year end links project 11/13 - 12/31/06

Some projects, such as my flick Date Number One - 12 screenings in 5 cities (including Seattle, NYC & DC) this year, got a pretty good start on theatrical self-distribution in '06 & is preparing to do more in '07. And other projects, such as Lance Weiler's Head Trauma, went through relatively wide - for no budget DIY (do-it-yourself) distribution - theatrical releases in '06 & moved into the DVD release realm. And then there were the hybrid release projects where the filmmaker & an established indie distribution company tried out new distribution tactics, as was the case with I Am A Sex Addict & as is the case now with 51 Birch Street. There is a lot to take a look back at, a lot to analyze & think about, a lot to figure out as to the meaning of all the New Distribution activity this year in the low budget indie realm. Taking a look at several '06 self-distribution & new distribution projects may help me & other indie filmmakers make useful plans for '07 & beyond. So, I am going to start a links project right here & will keep adding useful notes re: the linked films to this page as '06 comes to a close over the next 6-7 weeks. At the end of the year I (& others if they choose to) can use the info. on this page to write a comprehensive post about all the self-distribution activity this year and what it might possibly mean for indie filmmakers, audiences, and for 2007.

NOTES 11/14/06
Some things to think about:
- how many total DIY screenings in 06? or at least what's the total # of screenings for all the films mentioned here in '06?
- how many audience members @ 06 DIY screenings?
- what's the box office value of all this DIY distro activity? how many tickets sold/how much $s taken in?

A Links & Info List: Select 2006 Theatrically Self-Distributed* Low Budget Indie Films (*multiple cities, commercial screenings outside of film fests or similar events):

Date Number One

- interview with Date Number One director, with info. on DIY distribution

Four Eyed Monsters

Head Trauma

Jumping Off Bridges

Kicking Bird


Manhattan, Kansas

Mardi Gras: Made in China

Mutual Appreciation

more links & or info. coming soon (feel free to submit relevant info. through Comments, thanks!)...

Links List 2: Select Indie Features That Took At Least 1 Step Outside of the Film Festival Circuit (at least 1 DIY theatrical or alterna venue screening in '06):

Cocaine Angel

Dance Party, U.S.A.


The Proper Care & Feeding of an American Messiah

Links List 3: Select 2006 Hybrid (Indiewood & DIY) or New Distribution Projects Worth Studying:

51 Birch Street

- interview with 51 Birch Street director re: working with Truly Indie on distribution


I Am A Sex Addict

more links & or info. coming soon...

Links List 4: The Inland Empire Type Self-Distributed Movies

In this list we have, so far:

Inland Empire :: where a well known director with industry connections self-distributes a feature

perhaps more soon...

Related Links:

Pioneer Theater
often a home for real indie films in NYC

links & or info. coming soon...


Anonymous said…
Mardi Gras: Made in China

Completely DIY and the directors just completed another feature documentary titled "Kamp Katrina" while living in tents in New Orleans.

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