Thursday, November 23, 2006

Sooner or later everyone swings by the web? Links: John Sayles web site, Emerging Pictures Blog

Eight Men Out is an excellent movie. And when I first saw it & then liked it; read about it, it was difficult for me to believe an independent filmmaker had made that movie 'cause at that point (early 90's), to me indie filmmakers meant folks like Jim Jarmusch, Hal Hartley & Gus Van Sant - w/ a slightly rougher, more off-beat style & take on life than the very polished & kind of classic Eight Men Out style & view. Eight Men Out's director John Sayles' career goes back further then that of my early 90's indie filmmaker heros, and now web surfers can read all about it at what appears to be the official John Sayles site.

The other link find of the day was the Emerging Pictures blog. I got the John Sayles site link from the EP blog.

Thanks Filmmaker Magazine's blog for the EP blog link.

Now we just need the official Jim Jarmusch website or the official Jim Jarmusch blog :) Then all will be nearly perfect on the web regarding the presence of classic indie filmmakers.

- Sujewa

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