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What would Borat say about Dance Party, USA? :: Film plays @ Pioneer Theater starting 11/15

I do not know what Borat would say about the new movie Dance Party, USA (myspace).

But here is what some other people who are not fake journalists making movie films about America are saying about Dance Party, USA:

"Challenging, gritty, and true."-The Austin Chronicle

"Dance Party, USA is so emotionally resonant, so heartbreaking yet hopeful, so tender yet intense, so realistic yet ethereal that its mesmerizes the viewer and holds their attention rapt... [It] might very well be the best independent film that I will see all year."

"Impressive. The actors are tremendous. I watched it and couldn't quite figure out how it came together. That elusive quality is something special."-Andrew Bujalski (Director, Funny Ha Ha & Mutual Appreciation)

"Dance Party, USA snuck up on me, which is a testament to writer/director Katz... He captures the empty conversation of young people... It's funny, but then it's kind of sad."-Ain't it Cool News

"Pennsinger's performance is flawlessly natural. This is the best truly independent American film I've seen since Mutual Appreciation."-Minneapolis/St. Paul City Pages

Here is the plot outline from IMDB:

" Jessica and Gus, two apathetic teenagers, drift aimlessly from one day to the next until they meet each other. They make a tenuous and fleeting connection when Gus confides in Jessica about his dark past."

Here's another description of the film, from Pioneer Theater's website:

" Seventeen-year-old Gus hangs around doing nothing with his buddy Bill most of the time. Gus likes to tell half-true stories about all the girls he’s slept with and all the drugs he’s done. Jessica is seventeen too. She doesn’t seem to have much in common with anyone anymore – not even her best friend Christie. Every year this guy Brian throws a 4th of July party. The party’s never that great, the there’s free beer, so people always go. Gus and Jessica meet each other there. They watch fireworks outside and light sparklers. Gus says that he’s not the sort of guy she thinks he is. He tells her a secret. It changes everything."

Go here for info. on Dance Party, USA's upcoming run at Pioneer Theater in NYC, which starts on 11/15.

- Sujewa


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