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The Workbook Project: a DIY distro info source

Here's Lance Weiler's introduction to a new project, from Indie Features 06:

I've been working on a DIY book and I've decided to make it a free online resource. The concept is part of a "social opensource info experiment" called the workbook project. It's a simple concept, the workbook is meant to be spread and edited. Meaning that content creators can add their own info, war stories, advice etc. Since the workbook is a wiki that can be saved to the desktop and edited, we're hoping that it can become a resource that is always growing.

I've included extensive info about:
Putting together a 17 city theatrical release
Building a fan base and creating buzz
Clearance and Delivery issues
A look at actual contracts
Getting your work into retail and rental outlets
Making a TV deal
How to deal with world sales
and much much more

The workbook will launch later this year but if you're interested and want to get an advance copy sign up at"

Sounds awesome & awesomely useful.

- Sujewa


Mike Hedge said…
when you submit your email.... it maynot be going through.... as you are not then greeted with a thank you page.... and IE tries to launch hotmail to email something... weird....

I'm interested so count me in.
lw said…

sorry bout that. i've added you to the list.


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