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Coppola: The Indie Years?

I don't mean Sofia, I mean the other famous filmmaker in the Coppola family: Francis Ford. Sure I loved his big Hollywood movies like The Godfather before I discovered indie films, but Hollywood's broad spell has not been so powerful after that. So FF Coppola was not a director I thought about much in the last 14 years or so. But his new self financed (from his day job?/side job? in the wine biz - in classic real indie style/making yer movies with money from yer day job :) Youth Without Youth sounds very interesting. As is the general real indie direction that he is heading with his career. Read all about it here. Maybe he'll self-distribute YWY - David Lynch style or possibly even new Star Wars or Passion of the Christ style - for total indie freedom. Either way, looking forward to the flick. I've read & liked some books by YWY author Mircea Eliade. YWY is a great title & a great name for a band. I bet there already is, or if not, soon will be, some indie band with that name. And now here is a question for film geeks & Eliade/religion geeks: By voluntarily participating in the ritual of totally indie filmmaking, is Coppola also participating in the cinematic version of the eternal return? Is YWY an attempt at a monumental psychological & spiritual break from Hollywood & a return to a more sacred work time by Coppola? I hope so. Discuss.

- Sujewa


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