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next movie kind of like Manhattan

of course by the time it is done, it should not bear much resemblance to the very early models that i keep in mind while i am writing the script, even before the film is shot; but my next feature will be kind of like Woody Allen's Manhattan. of course the city will be DC, not NYC. it'll be in color & in digital video, not black & white & in 35mm film. the lead character will be nothing like a Woody Allen lead character. it will be a comedy/romantic-comedy/comedy-drama like Manhattan. if i am very lucky i will end up with some great music as Allen did with Manhattan, i doubt mine will be classical though. maybe only i will be able to see the similarities between my next movie & Manhattan, but, as long as it turns out halfway decent, the whole thing will be a fine & worthy undertaking. it helps me to have some models for the film as i am making it. my '06 movie Date Number One is, in some ultimately minor ways, similar to certain Jim Jarmusch movies (specially my favorite Mystery Train - with the multiple interconnected stories, etc.), & the next movie - the so far Untitled 07 Project will, maybe in some ways that are only important, recognizable, & useful to me, be like Manhattan. while we are on the subject, check out this post re: Manhattan.

today i sketched out a poster design for the new movie, kind of based on the Manhattan poster (see the Manhattan poster through link above).

- sujewa


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