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perhaps simpler will be better for the Date Number One DVD cover

now that i've had a day or so to think about the possible Date Number One DVD cover (& the DVD face art), i think i still need to take another pass at it to get the final cover (see the current version of the cover in the post prior to this one). i think simpler will be better. although i am happy with the DVD face art (see a couple of posts prior, the circular graphic), it just needs a few more words & possibly a small photo or drawing added to it. i expect to finish up the design work this coming week, along with the final work on the DVD content - the movie. hopefully by 2/15 the DVD will be available for purchase.


David Lowery said…
I think the face is already great - maybe a little text, but it definitely doesn't need another image. The cover itself is indeed too busy. Losing the big DNO from the top of the front will help.
The Sujewa said…
thanks for the input david. i sketched out a new cover design earlier today, a simpler one. i'll have it up on the blog soon.

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