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quite possibly all the video stores in America

want a complete list of all the video stores in America so you can possibly look into selling your indie movie on DVD to them? then check out google maps to figure out the important info; fast & free. this map is a general search on US video stores. shows, quite possibly, all the places in America that sells videos & DVDs & then some (the search returned over 1 million entries, a too high of a number to be accurate i think, may include businesses that have anything to do with videos & DVDs & no longer active stores, more refined searches will be more useful). i also did some searches for all the Blockbuster & Hollywood video locations, just to see where they are, & the google maps were very helpful with that task. but generally i think google maps will be useful in identifying independent video stores. since the thousands of Blockbuster locations may be accessible from one central office, & the same with Hollywood & other large chains. anyway, explore on indie filmmakers who may be self-distributing a DVD. also, for the touring filmmaker/self-distributor, the map may help with making plans for in-store events at indie video stores.


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