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Rob Nilsson plays movies about love

Received an interesting screening announcement from filmmaker Rob Nilsson today. Here it is:


I am inaugurating a series of screenings at the Edwin Johnson Screening Room here at 1418 5th. St., Berkeley, home offices of Citizen Cinema, our new film institute/production company. The newly completed screening room, designed and built by Charlie Wilson of Sonic Zen Records, also located in the building, is named in honor of Edwin Johnson who was a major force in all of the Tenderloin yGroup films from CHALK to the 9 @ Night series.

We will begin with a 12 week series on the subject of love. Capitalized or not, in or out of italics, it is everyone’s sacred cow. Without love there would be no human race. Without an interest in sex the human race would be over in 40 years. Without eroticism, Art would end up desiccated and dead. Without friendship and comraderie we might live in isolation chambers viewing porn, which could happen anyway, because pornography has a fascination linked in some ways to religious mysticism.

Love is full of contradictions. The highest pilgrim and the lowest scoundrel both use “love” as a sales tool for their World Views. No one can speak out against Love without being seen as a crank or a crackpot. And yet Christianity, the so called Religion of Love, sponsors inquisitions, pogroms and terrible tortures in the name of God. Contradictions and paradoxes. When we recognize them, we’re finally talking about something real in the world.

We’ll show films, have some popcorn, a glass or two, and discuss afterward. Nothing formal but conversation where we try to do a little more than the usual polite patter. I’m hoping we can let our hair down a little and speak from the heart. As some of you already know Citizen Cinema is planning to produce a 10 film series on Love and I’m hoping this will fuel the flames.

Our inaugural film will be LAST TANGO IN PARIS (1972) by Bernardo Bertolucci and featuring Marlon Brando. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a necessary part of your film education. If you have, it’s probably been awhile. Either way, this is a chance to air your views.

LAST TANGO IN PARIS will show on Wednesday, Feb. 28, at 7:00 PM. We’re asking for a $10 donation to help fund our soon to be launched Citizen Cinema workshop program. You can also donate $100 for the complete 12 film series if you’re feeling flush. However, if you’re not in the dough these days, come anyway. There’s little enough real conversation on the Arts these days, and I want this to be a freewheeling exchange between true believers, fellow travelers, and sun burnt souls. RSVP if possible at (510)527-7217 or Seating is limited."

Go check it out if you are in San Francisco, it sounds like a good event.

- Sujewa


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