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Run Cody & This Is My Home at Busboys and Poets, WDC, March 10, 10 PM

Go enjoy excellent food and drink and see 2 great short movies to benefit Hurricane Katrina victims. RUN CODY (30 MIN.), directed by Amy Flannery is a fiction piece in which the hero is a victim of Hurricane Katrina. THIS IS MY HOME (25 MIN.), produced by Advancement Project is a documentary about people in New Orleans trying to reclaim their homes post Katrina.

WHEN:March 10, 10 p.m. (doors open at 9 p.m.)
WHERE:Busboys and Poets (seating capacity -- 120; first come first serve)
2021 14th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20009
It costs $3 to attend the screening.

All the proceeds will be donated to a reputable charity to benefit Hurricane Katrina victims. Larger donations are welcome.


Thirteen-year-old Cody escaped hurricane Katrina, but can he survive life in Washington DC with his drunken father? A little man with big aspirations, Cody plots to sail away from his troublesome world with the woman of his desires. Always just beyond his grasp, Cody never lets go of his dreams. ( -- Run Cody was written/produced/directed by Amy Flannery, with Director of photography Mel Henry. It was shot in Washington DC with local actors.

“This Is My Home” is a documentary about the fight for public housing in New Orleans. Most of the city’s public housing withstood the hurricane with little or no damage, yet thousands of families are still shut out of their homes and remain displaced across the country. “This Is My Home” is a tribute to the perseverance of the displaced residents of New Orleans, and it is a call to action for the public, politicians, and all justice-minded people to support their right to return home.--produced by Advancement Project, a democracy and justice action group working with communities seeking to build a fair and just multi-racial democracy in America.

The movies will be followed by a Q and A with Amy Flannery and Anita Sinha from Advancement Project.


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