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About my '07 feature comedy FILMMAKING FOR THE POOR

GreenCine Daily Mentions Filmmaking For The Poor Movie Project :: Update On Script

Thanks GreenCine Daily!

The script is now going to have multiple stories about the making of low budget movies. I may or may not keep the storyline inspired by the making of Date Number One. Maybe the DNO production & distro stories are better saved for the DNO DVD v2 - for the extras. Either way, FFTP should be rocktasticly entertaining.

The title of my next film is FILMMAKING FOR THE POOR

That's right, I am going to use the name of a blog of mine, Filmmaking For The Poor, as the title of a new feature length comedy-drama about low budget filmmaking. I've been working on several possible scripts for some time now, and this one is the one that I am most excited about, the one that I want to shoot next (I've actually started shooting a little bit of stuff for this movie a couple of days ago). I plan on starting full-on production around May 15 to June 15 of this year. Hopefully the completed film will be available to view this fall (of course my last movie, Date Number One, took over 2 years to finish, so don't be surprised if I am a little off on this project completion time estimate :). Hopefully FFTP will be my Living In Oblivion, Day For Night, Irma Vep, etc., etc., insert name of great movie about movie making here, etc. :) The film will be shot on digital video, on an ultra-low budget, with unknown (by Hollywood & Indiewood standards) actors, and will be self-distributed. The film will be a partially (& entertainingly) fictionalized account of the making & distribution of Date Number One, with other stuff from my filmmaking "career" thrown in at appropriate places. FILMMAKING FOR THE POOR: A Tale of Low Budget Movie Making Glory. FILMMAKING FOR THE POOR: Sex, Coffee & Digital Video! That's all for now, will update as things get done. Thanks!

- Sujewa


Great news! Keep me posted.

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