Monday, April 16, 2007

10 Features in 12 Months project changes to 10 Features in 30 Months

To make life a little bit easier for myself, the goal of creating & releasing 10 new feature films in 12 months (see post below) has been changed to 10 new features in 30 months; May '07 - October '09. This change allows me more time to work on getting distribution started a bit better for each finished film. So, a new feature every 3 months. Expect the first of the 10 new features to be available to view at screenings & on DVD in August.

Other upcoming major projects over here at Wild Diner Films:

- Date Number One on DVD starting at some point this month!

- Date Number One July 12 - 18 run in Kensington, MD

- The Kensington Real Independent Film Festival (KRIFF), September 6 - 9, Kensington, MD

Minor Project:

- Microinvesting in a real indie film. In May will figure out who/which project gets the money ($500).

Projects w/ Details To Be Determined:

- Date Number One 1 week or longer runs in NYC, LA, Chicago
- Also DNO for 1 week or longer runs in San Francisco, Seattle, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh & several other major cities
- Other DNO screenings throughout the country

* perhaps in May -June I'll have more info. on those projects

- Sujewa

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